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Conference Notes from RMB: Unlocking the Potential II

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In the first installment of our RMB thought leadership series, we we explored the current status of Chinese capital account liberalisation, aspects of RMB internationalisation to date, and its effect on Australian markets. At the second in our RMB Thought Leadership conference series in Melbourne, noting the changing landscape both for Chinese investors and global portfolio managers, we examined the status of Chinese capital account liberalisation in the context of investment flows between…

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V is for (RMB) Volatility

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    The widespread influence of Chinese volatility In our most recent note, we discussed the growing influence of Chinese economic and market developments on markets world-wide (including Australia). In Chart 1 we witness the elevated correlation between the S&P500 and Shanghai A shares from late 2014 onward, as well as similarly high correlations between Shanghai A shares and the ASX since mid-2015.   This week, we focus on a…

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